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Remove odor, inhibit itching, reduce abnormal secretions, prevent gynecological diseases, inhibit candida, adjust pH, Contains hyaluronic acid and the ingredients can moisturize and lubricate. To clean up lochia, wait 15 days after giving birth to effectively remove lochia and speed up recovery health. Does not contain artificial colors and chemical flavors.

Usually use 2 times a week. If the problem is serious, use it for 3 consecutive days. After the condition is stable, continue to use it every 2 weeks.After using it for three consecutive nights, it will be better to use it with Foam Wash. No need to rinse, can be used with pads.

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⦁ Wash your hands before use, tear open the top of the package along the line, do not take out the capacity, and draw out 1/3 (the push rod part)
⦁ Use your fingers to break the end cap in the paper bag, and then pull out the container body to avoid touching the front end of the tube body to avoid contamination.
⦁ Insert the container into the vagina at different depths
⦁ Push the index finger to the end and inject all the gel.
⦁ Take out the container slowly and put it back in the original packaging bag

Main Ingredient:
Lactic acid (enhance the self-purification ability of private skin)
Hyaluronic acid (moisturizing and lubricating)

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